Which moves will be made?

Most of the moves will be ports of the new moves from FPZ.

There are certain moves that will definitely be made, even if they were 'losers' on a previous vote or weren't even on the vote.

There are some that aren't 'must-make moves' that will be decided by the votes.

There are also moves that will be released just because I feel like doing so.

I can't give out a full list of these, because I haven't even tried to make all the moves yet.

Hey, can you make (insert move name here)?

Is it possible to make some moves that people would request?


Will I be doing that?

Hell no.

1) It would be extraordinarily difficult and time consuming to attempt such a thing.

2) There aren't enough move spots to port all the moves over from FPZ already. Where would these moves go?

Well, how about a move creation program? I could make the moves myself then.


Um... no.

I don't use a move creation program.

I will not be making a move creation program.

Are you using FPD as a testing ground for new FPZ moves?

Not really...

Unfortunately, I don't even own a PS2. I'd like to have one, but I hack apart Fire Pro games for a living. That's definitely not bringing in any money.

Though if I eventually got one, I'd undoubtedly try to do so.

How often will moves be released?

Whenever I feel like making them. Remember, I don't have to do any of this. I may do them every week, but I might take off once in a while.

Why can't there be more than 100 moves?

Two different points to be made here, actually...

There can only be 100 add-on moves loaded into memory (numbered 0-99). This has to do with the game referring to the moves by the internal move number value, not whatever the file extension is (eg. FIREPROD.W07 or FIREPROD.W53). It will NOT recognize values above 99, unfortunately. That is the important number. You could have 100 different moves on 100 seperate memory cards all named the same thing, and as long as each move had a different internal move value they would ALL load up into memory.

Then there's been people who say all moves could be made and you could just choose which ones you want. That won't be happening either. It would cause all sorts of inconsistencies in edit packs, for one thing. Also, the move values would have to be changed. I'm sure not going to make 10 versions of a move so people can choose where they want it. And even if the people were to change that themselves, it still causes problems. The whole thing isn't worth it.

How do you make moves?

Okay people, here's the steps needed for making the moves:

1) Become a genius.

2) Study Fire Pro data for many years.

3) Have no life whatsoever, giving you plenty of time to work on such stuff.

4) Take the time from step 3 to use the genius and knowledge you acquired in steps 1 and 2 to make the moves.

And there you have it.